Responsive Components

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Currently @media queries give us a way to adjust a design based on device features, user-preferences, and viewport size. But modern web development relies heavily on modular “blocks” and “components” that can be moved around.

Authors want a way to style these components based on more immediate context – like the width of a parent container – which might not match cleanly to viewport media.

Grid and flexbox both provide some tools for managing available space, so in addition to “container query” solutions, I also want to think about if/where they can also be improved for responsive design.


Existing Solutions

Who is Working on Container Queries contains a long list of existing JS plugins.

There are also some interesting CSS custom-property solutions. These all work one-property-at-a-time, much like the switch() proposal

My Notes

These different directions are not exclusive – a full solution for styling responsive components will likely require multiple approaches.